Let There be Lightning, Plasmas, and Superfluids, to Explain Away Gravity and Dark Matter

by HolographicGalaxy.blogspot.com

Magnetohydrodynamic phenomena of superfluidity and superconducting plasmas, filaments, and phase changes of the sun.

terrestial gamma rays produce anti-matter

Auroras in the plasma lab

“The idea that some of the lightning overhead us may be triggered by the same processes that happen in supernovas and cosmic accelators, is mind boggling.” “I’ve never looked at thunderstorms the same way again, since learning about these ideas”, Rowland said recently.

Supernovas energize and accelerate charged particles by electric fields. Charged particles are steered by magnetic fields. Supernovas align around galaxies by these forces.


Jets of electric currents by supernovas

Extreme high voltage plasma lab interactions with an applied magnetic field. Supernovas align together inside magnetically confined plasma spiral arm galaxy filaments that carry electric currents.

Magnetized plasma vortex that’s like a superfluid

Streamers of electricity  

Electrical fireball