Galaxy NGC 3783 Central AGN Streams Out A Cool Dusty Wind Challenging AGN Models and the Inferred Existence of Phony Black Holes


Eso’s Paranal Observatory in Chile has found huge amounts of room temperature dust both above and below the main torus of galaxy NGC 3783. The researchers suspect from the observations that dust is flowing outwards and being evacuated from the “black hole” or AGN central region, as a cool dusty wind. With proof that dust is being expelled from a black hole, new AGN models are necessary, and the deepening black hole paradigm shift intensifies.

ESO Scientists Discover That Black Hole Theory Blows a Cool Dusty Wind
This was the first mid-infrared observations of cool room temperature dust around an AGN, that was combined with very hot incoming dust. The world has strong evidence that black holes are not real, because hot incoming gas flows towards an inferred galaxy center, and cooler dust and gas exits the center region.

Cosmic dust consists of silicate and graphite grains. These compounds make ideal metamaterials for superconducting electricity and producing the enormous magnetic field of the galaxy.