Andromeda’s Satellite Galaxies Orbit Within Thin Superconducting Ring of Electricity


Ring around Andromeda

Both Andromeda and the Milky Way’s satellite galaxies orbit in a thin ring. A superconducting ring of electricity explains the north-south polar structural shape of the thin plane where satellite galaxies orbit within and around their larger parent galaxy. Superconductivity is the mathematical analog of magnetism. 

Milky Way’s North-South polar structure extends from 33,000 LY from the galactic center out to 1 million LY, and includes satellite galaxies orbiting in a thin flat plane at right angles to the milky way. Dark matter is not possible and a new paradigm shift in cosmology is underway.

Superconductors of Electricity explain Galaxy Shapes

Superconducting Rings Provide Early Universe Clues