Stellar Wind Plasma Bubble S 308 of Massive Star HD 50896 Produces X-rays and Jets with Electric Currents


A plasma bubble formed by a strong stellar wind surrounds the 35+ solar mass Wolf-Rayet pink colored star in the center of the image. Bubble S 308 is 60 light years across and only 5,000 light years away.  The plasma is 1 million degrees and has blue colored X-rays. The upper left X-ray jet is called a wolf ear. The wolf ear seems to disappear into a hole, where the solar wind jet travels away from the star. There are electric currents in the stellar wind jet responsible for producing the surrounding magnetized plasma bubble, where the magnetic field lines wrap tightly around the jet. Our solar system bubble should be similar but much smaller.  The accepted interpretation neglects plasma physics, believing that the green colored regions are where a shock wave is rushing out and colliding with other material. Green colored well collimated plasma blobs are probably near the region of the interstellar magnetic field, where the bubble ends. This is almost where Voyager is now in the outskirts of our solar system.

Bubble S 308 is produced by the stellar wind of a massive star. Huge amounts of X-rays are emitted in 1 million degree plasma, in ways that refute the existence of fictional black holes.