Galaxy Without a Black Hole Found Having a Large Diffuse Core


“We don’t know for sure that the black hole is not there, but there’s no concentration of stars in the galactic core” says co-author Tod Lauer.   

Galaxy Without a Black Hole in the Core (feature story)

Team leader Marc Postman of the Space Telescope Science Institute says “the core is very diffuse and very large.” 

Elliptical Galaxy A2261-BCG is a diffuse, bloated, foggy patch of light. The starlight intensity remains constant across the entire galaxy. There is a diffuse halo of stars instead of a bright central galactic core. Enormous elliptical galaxy A2261-BCG spans 1 million light years across, with a central region 3 times larger than other very luminous galaxies.

Galaxy M33 also lacks a black hole

A better theory than the far-fetched ejected black hole by the authors, is that an extremely rare alignment orientation shows that the center of a spinning galaxy is far larger than believed, and that black holes do not exist.