X-ray Flare Near Milky Way’s Center Unequivocally Called a "Black Hole"

by HolographicGalaxy.blogspot.com

 For two full days in July 2012 a team of telescopes kept starring at the center of our galaxy. Finally, a mild X-ray flare was photographed by NuSTAR, Keck, and NASA’s CHANDRA telescope. The scientists say “We got lucky to have captured an outburst from the black hole at the center of our galaxy.” Why waste two days of observing time, just to be lucky to capture a mild flare and prove nothing?  The interpretation is always unequivocally that a black hole is causing something that is electromagnetic phenomena. All knowledge of objective reality and science was obtained by studying electromagnetic phenomena.  Nebula emit X-ray flares where stars are forming inside filaments. Our sun at times suddenly emits X-ray jets out it’s north pole. Neutron stars believed to have a superfluid core and no black hole, emit intense X-rays.  Black holes are phony.  

X-ray flare near milky way’s center (feature story)