Optical and UV Lasers Control Enhance Cosmic Phenomena to have Wide Temperature Ranges that Superconduct Electricity

by HolographicGalaxy.blogspot.com

Small amounts of optical and ultraviolet lasers have a strong response that alters the temperatures that materials superconduct electricity. Optical and ultraviolet laser beams are common phenomena inside the filaments of stars, nebula, and galaxies, and are known to be able to dramatically alter the critical temperatures of  its elements, to become superconductors over the extremely wide temperature ranges found in cosmic scale plasmas. All atoms and elements will become a superconductor at a low enough temperature at their critical state. Magnetism and superconductivity are analogs.

Tel Aviv Univ (feature story) “Controlling Superconductors with Light”

Yoram Dagan of Tel Aviv University says “temperature is a crucial element for superconductors.” “Each material has a critical temperature when it becomes superconducting.” “By manipulating different types of light, including ultraviolet and visible light, the critical temperatures of superconducting materials are altered.” “This is a small change (by adding the lasers) that results in very large responses.” “It’s a strong response for a small amount of light.”