Planck Scale Quantum Gravity Theories Are Wrong Space is Smooth Not Foamy Frothy Bubbly


The planck scale quantum foam bubbly frothy fabric, presumed to fill the vacuum in outer space, has been proven again to not be real. Practically all quantum gravity theories requires the existence of the quantum foam to unite quantum mechanics and general relativity.  Without the quantum foam, quantum gravity is extremely seriously refuted, and the big-bang gravity theories suffer another substantial blow with nothing ever to show.

Robert Nemiroff of Michigan Technological University finds by studying gamma ray bursts, that space is smooth, not foamy.

Gamma-ray burst GRB

there’s no such thing as a space fabric foam

there is no bending of gamma rays proving the quantum foam is phony

The paths of gamma rays traveling for billions of years in outer space would bend, rather than be found traveling straight, if the phony quantum foam actually filled outer space. Quantum gravity is phony science, and the lack of the planck scale only further proves that electromagnetism is shaping and ruling the universe.