Electrical Magnetized Birkeland Current Filaments Connect Together Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

by HolographicGalaxy.blogspot.com

Sprites seen by ISS
Electricity produces electromagnetic surface phenomena – London’s surface-generated photons beam skywards from human lights and wildfires, detected and imaged by the new Suoni NPP satellite.

star cluster electrical filaments

Astrochemistry ignites the scientific world by seeking unknown new chemical reactions and molecular structures to replace faulty star fusion models that fail observations. Hydrogen and helium in superliquid and supersolid superconductive states in star cores, and lab examples graphene and silicene, explains the mystery puzzling gravity theorists, for the sun’s source of enormous magnetic and electric fields.

Filamentary Web of Galaxies

Metallic Hydrogen in Red Giant Stars

Electricity organizes and connects fractal structures in the universe. Everything learned in science and objective reality comes from studying electromagnetic phenomena. Hydrogen and helium superfluids and supersolids, are being discovered, that superconduct electricity during exotic transitional states under extreme outer space conditions, like those found inside stars and galaxies. The universe’s most natural abundant atoms hydrogen and helium, are in a liquid metallic state in the interiors of red giant stars, and the Jovian gas planets. Supersolid Hydrogen-6 forms hexagonal lattices that analogue mimic the electrical properties of graphene, a superconductor at room temperatures. Oxygen and nitrogen ions found in intergalactic filaments should also naturally display superconductivity in outer space, by transforming into a vortex lattice superstructure. Heat converts into electricity when charged plasma ions in a hydrogen filament acquire superfluidity and contacts graphene, rather than just in experimental laboratory aqueous solutions. High temperature iron superconductivity discovered in 2008, when suddenly occurring in a star, explains supernovas having enormous amounts of explosive polarity ejections of plasma iron ions.

star cluster

Souni NPP satellite photo of electricity outages

NGC 1275 Filamentary light emissions
Filaments and moving star clusters produce “fireball knots.”
Fireballs – galaxy filament knots
Electric Field Plasma Shock Wave Collisions more accurately interprets cosmology than the Big-bang.
Hannes Alfven Triumphs again by predicting solar Birkeland currents

Graviton sinks Thor to the bottom of the ocean, but the immortal God of electricity and thunder rejuvenates, and unleashes lightning from the upper atmosphere magnetosphere currents, essentially destroying the super villain’s hugely inflated ego of controlling the fundamental force of nature.