Tunable Plasmonic Graphene Medium Analogs Outer Space like the Sun’s Heliosphere Solar System Bubble

by HolographicGalaxy.blogspot.com

Graphene is a tunable plasmonic medium. Outer space plasma mediums carry these collective oscillations of electrons called plasmons. Infrared laser beams produce plasmons on the surface edges of graphene.  A new emerging graphene cosmology was written here in 2011. Solid particle buckyballs are produced by stellar factories. Silicene derived from common silicon in stars and nebula mimics graphene’s electrical conductivity properties, and interacts with graphene in metamaterials. 

Infrared Nanoimaging of Graphene Plasmons
an electric circuit controls the patterns for tunable plasmon graphenes

The suns heliosphere does not have a bow shock, and moves like the bow of a boat traveling on water, like an electromagnetic wave of light. Plasmon waves reaching the edges of graphene reflect like waves of water from the wake of a moving boat.

Plasmons create full color 3D HOLOGRAMS
Graphene plasmon dipole emitter has milky way galaxy like bubbles