Sun’s Heliosphere Moves Like Electromagnetic Wave Without Bow Shock IBEX McComas Finds


The IBEX bow shock belief has been proven to be wrong. (STORY) Bow Shock does not exist.  Motion of the sun’s heliosphere in interstellar space is like the wake from a bow of a boat moving through water, as an electromagnetic wave, and not a bow shock sonic boom produced from a jet aircraft. Sonic booms are not around the sun, but are in supernova winds traveling near relativistic speeds, and around other stars. Mccomas says “It’s too early to say exactly what this data means for our heliosphere.” “Decades of research were wasted exploring scenarios that included a bow shock.” “Already at least we know that there are implications for how galactic cosmic rays propagate around and enter the solar system.” 

sonic booms in stars

Heliopause Ribbon and ISM

IBEX data finds again the interstellar medium magnetic field is far stronger then believed, which inhibits a bow shock. New IBEX data shows the heliosphere actually moves 52,000 mph through the ISM, about 7,000 mph slower than previously measured. This is slow enough to create an electromagnetic wave and not a bow shock sonic boom. The bow shock does not form ahead of the sun’s heliosphere as it moves through the ISM, but instead travels on a gentle electromagnetic wave.

Electromagnetic Sun theory ties a ribbon around the solar system

Spiral stream structures in our local star groups