Solar System’s Trojan Asteroids Model Atom’s Electron


Asteroid electron analogous moons of the earth

Innumerably many asteroids that orbit the sun will briefly become an orbiting moon around earth. Many asteroid moons have orbited earth for a few years. Calculations show that nature has made earth to have two moons instead of one. Using the same rational reasoning why trojan asteroids orbiting the sun are stabilized by the electric field of Jupiter at the lagrange points, implies the conclusion that asteroid satellite mini-moons orbiting the earth have their orbits around the sun stabilized by earth’s electric field. Mini-moon asteroids orbiting earth are analogous to electrons, in the same way that Jupiter’s trojan asteroids are modeled as electrons.

Bohr Atomic Solar System

Quantum Planetary Orbits

The classical physics to describe both Trojan asteroids and Electrons are IDENTICAL. Electrons orbit the atomic nucleus just like asteroids orbit the sun. Gallagher and Dunning targeted an electron with electric field pulses that limited its location options to a narrow, comma-shaped band on one side of the atomic nucleus, akin to where the trojan asteroids hang out. A second electric field, applying a radio frequency field that rotated around the nucleus ensnared the localized electron forcing the electron to orbit the nucleus like a planet.
Important Questions:  Could atoms or electrons under special conditions behave entirely as 100% self-similar Fractal analogues with the solar system and asteroids? Could there be a size-scaling relationship that is mathematically equivalent for solid atoms and asteroids? Trojan asteroids are where comma-shaped electron wave packets attract towards lagrange points. Jupiter stabilizes the orbits of its trojan asteroids by an EM field. The Sun’s heliosphere electric field and current sheath, must clearly force the orbits of planets, moons, and asteroids around the sun. This has huge implications: The sun orbits the center of the galaxy by an electric field in the ISM interstellar medium, that is produced by the galaxy’s spin and rotation !! Quantum Gravity does not exist and there are not Gravitational Black Holes!  Gravity is the extreme viewpoint of description of Electromagnetic reality. There are those who say both gravity and electromagnetism exist. But there is no proof of gravity and everything about it comes from Maxwell’s Laws of Electromagnetism. Lagrange points are observational where THE APPARENT PSEUDO-GRAVITATIONAL FORCE IS THE CENTRIFUGAL FORCE states Wikipedia. An observer appears to see gravitational attraction because the electric field strand is being rotated and the centrifugal force appears to pull objects like stars towards the center of the galaxy. Lagrange points mark positions where the combined pull of two masses precisely equals the centripetal force required to rotate with them. 

Trojan asteroids orbit the sun in stable orbits, because of ELECTRICAL FIELDS.  Gravitational fields are theoretical and never observed, but are still being used to describe large-scale cosmology by inventing dark matter, and suppressing the truth, that cosmic EM forces shape and rule the Universe.

Jupiter and Trojan Asteroids
60 degree LaGrange orbits

Drifting objects in the solar system are drawn to accumulate at six LaGrange points each 60 degrees apart an object orbiting the sun.  Earth has 6 Lagrange points like all planets.
These giant atoms have electronic orbits with diameters of several hundredths of a millimeter says Yoshida. Unlike planets, electrons will not maintain orbits without additional stabilization the electron-wave becomes delocalized, says Burgdorfor. The location of an electron in the lowest energy ground state is not well defined relative to the nucleus, it is situated in all possible directions at the same time. Only electron higher energy excited states causes possible orbital paths. 

a solar system in an atom shows fractal size scale invariance of the universe.