Slowpokes DEFY Newtonian Gravity and Kepler’s Third Law of Motion


Assessing the Orbital Motions of distant Red Dwarf Binaries supports New Laws of Plasma Physics

Low mass Red Dwarf Binary stars are not found in locations predicted by Newtonian Gravity and Kepler’s third law of motion. These stars are >500 A.U. apart, and cannot hold together. Kepler’s third Law works pretty well for planets inside the solar system, because almost all of the mass is in the Sun, and planetary orbits are inside the Heliosphere Current Sheath.  Assuming Newton’s Gravity and General Relativity to be valid at all scales, leads to phony dark matter hypothesis as a forced requirement at Galactic and extra Galactic Scales. Alternative Cosmologies without Dark Matter can explain this anomaly.  CLICK TO READ MORE AT: